About Us:

Repairing Work

TechCare Services Worker doing its job.

We are a team of cool Tech enthusiasts, more into software and hardware of All Electronic Smart Devies, who likes to fix and repair users devices.

We have different branches in the city, 6 to be exact, you can reach to whichever is near to you. We are always ready to assist.

Our Services:

We provide services to fix and repair various types of products:

Desktop Computers

From the Mouse and Speakers to the Motherboard and Graphics Card, we got it!

Laptops and PC's

Laptops, PC's, 2-in-1's, hybrid PC's, you name it, is covered!

Smartphones and Tablets

From small Smartphones and Phablets till huge Tablets, we fix them!

Smart Devices

Wifi, Smart Home Devies, Phillips Hue, Alexa, again, you name it, we have them covered.

Smart TV's

We couldn't forget about different sized Smart TV's, so we repair them too!

Who are we:

We are a team of 6 members who are willing to help repair all your electronic devices. Get to know our team below.

The Team

Our Passionate Team.


John Max

Sean Max

Category: Laptops and PC's.

John Doe

John Doe

Category: Smart Devices.

Anna Angel

Anna Angel

Graphic Designer.

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Category: Smartphones and Tablets.

Fun Marie

Fun Marie

SEO and Marketing.

Alex Brat

Alex Brat

Category: Everything.

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Hardware of a PC.

If you have an issue, general inquiry or to schedule a meeting, reach out by calling us: